Wine Tasting Party

If you haven’t planned one yet, a wine tasting party adds class to the usual weekend get-together with your family and friends. If you think this is up your alley, you’ll first need to know how many people are expected to attend. About two weeks or so before the party, make sure you’ve gotten started sending out the invitations.

You can get yourself a wine tasting kit at your nearby store, thus saving time and making the planning stage easier. You can also do the whole process on your own by creating tasting cards that include the type of wine, vineyard, year, and some background information on the wine.

Next, create a card for all your potential guests so they can note the wine’s characteristics on them. If you would like to have your guests do what is called a “blind tasting,” then all you do is instead of writing the information on the card have the guest write down what wine they think it is with the year, vineyard, etc.

A wine tasting party is a different kind of party, so you need to start decorating by ensuring the lighting is just right. A simple table cloth is the most basic thing you need to decorate, though you can also add class with vintage items. Choose the right wine glasses, because nobody wants to down one whole glass in one sitting in these parties. Keep all your servings at two ounces, regardless of the wine or the person you’re serving the wine to.

When serving appetizers, or food to be eaten in between tastes, you can’t go wrong with plain bread or soda crackers. Everybody should have wine glasses in the party, naturally. Allot no more than two wine glasses for each guest. Water for rinsing glasses and some sort of bowl or bucket for discarding wine after each testing.

Cheese goes perfectly with wine, but this and other light entrees should be served either before or after the wine tasting party. In order to preserve the flavor of the wine and get best results, all wines should be room temperature. The final thing necessary for a wine tasting party is laughter and a good time had by everyone.

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