Women’s Plus Size Swimwear

There are plenty of issues that plus size shoppers encounter, but one that is especially difficult is buying size plus swimwear. But, considering how many plus size women there are, why should this be a difficult choice?

There are some factors a size plus swimwear shopper needs to take into consideration. The number one thing to take into consideration is how much support it offers.

The swimsuit’s style can take attention away from negative body parts and highlight positive ones. For that reason, full figured women are usually best off with one piece bathing suits.

Women considering size plus swimwear should make sure that the chest area is supported as well.

Don’t pick strapless designs, as they can come off while you’re swimming.

The line of the leg is important. A suit with a skirt is not recommended because they draw attention to the thighs which is something many plus size women want to avoid. Instead, choose higher cut legs which give you an illusion of slimness.

Also, look in the mirror to see how the back looks like when you test a bathing suit.

A tankini is better than a bikini for plus size swimwear.

If you can’t find the plus size swimwear you want in a retail store, go online as there are thousands of swimsuits on the internet. But, to avoid having to send things back because of a wrong size, style or fit, follow these four tips:

1. Know Your Size – I know it seems like a stupid thing to say, but your body is constantly changing so be sure you’re not kidding yourself about what size you are. Also, each manufacturer has different measurements for sizing so it’s even more important to…

2. Know Your Measurements – knowing your bust, hips, etc. will enable you to order the right size plus size swimwear.

3. Know Your Body Shape – There’s talk of hourglass, pear, and apple shaped bodies. Knowing what you are can help you find the perfect suit.

4. Find The Style that Flatters Your Shape – There are many styles including one piece, skirtinis, swim dresses, shortinis, tankinis and more. Find which style suits your body type and you can search the internet specifically for that.

Following this advice, you can pick out the best size plus swimwear whether it is in a store in the mall or online.

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