Wooden Toys and Piggy Banks Make Great Gift Ideas for Children

Parents do spend a lot of money on buying toys for children. Most of these toys are expensive and made of plastic. With the increasing number of research on toxic toys and its effects on children, parents are more aware and concerned about the side effects. As such, wooden toys have made a great come back.

Handmade toys for children, made of wood, are unique gifts for children. Since these toys are handmade, you will not find two toys to be absolutely the same. Likewise, these toys don’t even look very much like toys presently available at any of the leading retail stores. For instance, when you buy a wooden train or a piggy bank made of wood, it doesn’t look like the ones made of plastic. Also, it is much safer as well as interesting for children to use. Wooden playthings truly stand out because these are toys that children wouldn’t usually have in their reserves.

Intellectually Developed

Toys made of wood are a mark of unique artistic values and skills. These toys are handmade to perfection. When these are introduced to the market, children and parents, equally appreciate the design, artistic work, colors and the overall product. It is really amazing!
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Variety of Wooden Toys

The best thing about toys made from quality wood is that it adds uniqueness and stimulates children too. Little girls actually love those handmade dolls and cradles, while boys enjoy the sight of tool kits and trucks. There are different types of push toys and pull toys that can be gifted to toddlers. Even you can find block toys that your little one would love.

Variety is no longer an issue with mass produced toys. These are the best in quality that you can buy. Each and every piece is individually designed and crafted, which ensures that craftsmen can control the building and designing process, while also checking for potential defects or flaws in the toys. It is harder to break or tear wooden toys; therefore, children can use these colorful and useful toys for a very long time.

Indian Toys

Wood toys are primarily made in India, especially in South India. The concepts of Channapatna toys and Kondapalli toys have existed for many years. These toys are now globally available due to an international market and the advent of online stores. It is no longer difficult to buy handmade Indian toys in America. This global trend has enabled businesses to grow and deliver the best products to any part of the world.

This article is based on the topics wooden toys and piggy bank written by the Author Indu Bala, who has a great expertise on Indian handcrafted toys.

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