Yes, You Can Find Pasta That Is Gluten Free

Having to eat gluten free food all of the time is a pain in the rear end. Anyone who has a gluten intolerance knows how difficult it can be to find your favorite food, or any food for that matter that is gluten free.

Any condition, comes with its setbacks, but you need to stay positive and upbeat as there are ways for gluten intorlerant people to get just as much joy out of life as anyone else. Things like pasta can be found without gluten if you take your time and do your research to find wheat food alternatives.

Not All Pasta Is Alike

Some gluten intolerant people are not bothered by certain types of pasta and others find pasta so indigestible that they cannot eat a bowl of spaghetti that is being offered to them. Such a delicious meal yet it can feel out of reach when you live with the food restrictions of a gluten intolerance.

Maybe you cannot eat any regular pastas and that is okay because there are alternative gluten free pastas that you can enjoy with your gluten free pasta sauces. The ingredient types that are used to make pasta free of gluten include:
* Amaranth
* Corn
* Millet
* Quinoa
* Rice
* Buckwheat
* Legume

You can still enjoy your favorite pasta sauces because instead of choosing a pasta sauce thickened with a wheat flour or other gluten forming flour, you can make or choose a pasta sauce that have been thickened with potato starch or other starches or flours such as, amaranth, buckwheat, corn, arrowroot,
cornstarch, flax, legume, millet, quinoa, rice, sago, sorghum, soy, sweet potato flou, teff and tapioca.

You can still enjoy pasta when you have the restrictions of a diet free of gluten because there are delicious gluten free pasta dishes you can make that are suitable for any menu type. You will have to try the different types of gluten free pasta so that you can find your favorite brand that provides the flavor and texture that you want from your pasta alternative. You can also find sauces and sauce mixes to add to your sauces that don’t contain gluten if you do not have the time to make your own pasta sauce.

Yes, living off of a gluten free diet can be frustrating, but if you do your homework and know what to look for you can still find ways to make or buy your favorite foods.

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