Your First Kiss–How Much Is There to a Kiss

Your First Kiss–How Much Is There to a Kiss

Did you enjoy your first kiss? Was your partner satisfied with it? Was it a memorable event? Don’t you remember anything about your first kiss? A person’s first kiss should be one of the most memorable occasions in intimacy, perhaps not for everyone, but I guess it is for most people around the globe. The first kiss is so unique and so special that nobody is able to provide the correct and right definition of the word “kiss.” I suggest that you get ready through some preparation for your first kiss.

Preparing for your First Kiss

First, as a man, make sure you are clean and well groomed. You should refrain from using alcohol, cigarette, and other products that would create bad breath. Brush your teeth, and use some mouth freshener about a few minutes before the kiss.

Second, wear clean clothes and have your shoes well polished and neat.

Third, if this is going to be your first kiss, then you should practice at home how you are going to approach her by getting up close and personal. You may use a round of object to represent her face. Why not use a big apple. Hold the apple in front of you with two hands as you move slowly closer and closer to it with grace. Part your slips a little bit and kiss it tenderly. Repeat this process as you look at yourself in a mirror to evaluate your kisses.

The Actual Kiss

When you meet her in person for the actual kiss, you should flirt a bit with her just to put her in the moods and prepare her for the kiss. Hold her hands gently and look her in the eye and smile. Hold her hand with one hand, and place your other hand upon her shoulder as you touch her hair. If she does not resist, get even closer to her. If she does resist, pull back gently and start flirting once again with her. Perhaps, she was not yet in the mood.

You should put your pleasant personality forward as you continue flirting with her. Hold her hands tenderly as you move in closer to her with a lot of grace. Now place your hands on her shoulder and pull her very slowly toward you. No signs of resistance on her part, which means that she is now in the mood.

As both of you get very close to each other, put your hand behind her head and other holding her hand. Move in for the kiss. Make sure that your nose does not touch hers, otherwise it would be in the way. Part your lips a little bit as you plant your first onto her silky lips. Keep your eyes partially closed or closed during the kiss as you need some concentration.

Since this is your first kiss, make it a memorable and pleasant occasion to remember for years to come. If the kiss is sweet and thrilling to her, she might want you to continue kissing her. This being the case, do not be shy; just give it to her with gusto. You might experience an erection during the kiss, but this is normal. You should not pay any attention to it and do not how any sign of embarrassment. Just play it cool.

A Kiss is More than a Kiss

The word “kiss’ evokes affection, greeting, respect, or erotic love. As far as I know, nobody seems to have a complete definition of this simple four tender letter words. There are individuals who think that a kiss is a simple thing to do because it is an act whereby two lips get to touch each other.

Yet you will find others who believe that any man can kiss a woman and vice versa. Apparently, these assertions appear correct, but they are not by any stretch of the imagination. Simply put, a kiss is more than a kiss and not all kisses are created equal. Nonetheless, some pieces of poetry reveal the whole make-up of a kiss. You will find such a definition in one of the poems titled “Banquet of Love” By Joe Fazio

“Your kiss, is a ride among the stars,
a shower of moon beams and a
sailboat ride, in the Garden Of Eden.
Kissing you…is an out of body experience,
a transport to paradise and a creation
of ultimate passion and joy.
Kissing, every part of who you are, is
truly a banquet of love.
Let me feast of your love and of your lips,
for I am in love with you. Let me always
kiss your mouth…eyes…all of you.
Let us ride the feathers of angels, through
starlit nights-holding…kissing, for now…
and evermore.
Your kiss…touch…embrace, has captured
my heart…my very soul.”

Kissing is an art. You will become an expert kisser when you develop this art and women would love you to kiss them. If your first was executed with finesse and sweetness, then you will remember it for time immemorial.

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